Filter Press XL2000

Typical Applications of Sheet Filter and Plate & Frame Filter
Beer & Lagers, Fruit Juices, Liqueurs, Spirits, Chemicals, Wines, Sugar Syrups, Herbal Extracts, Enzymes, Cosmetics, Process Water, Solvents, Vinegar, Resins, Blood Products

Novotrox (Noryl) Filter Elements
Odor and taste-neutral Can be sterilized with steam to 110 degrees C Apertures covered with perforated stainless steel

Stainless Steel Filter Elements
Material grades 304 or 316L Fast and easy dismantling for cleaning

Cylindrical Gaskets
Absolute sealing regardless of filter sheet thickness Silicone gaskets fitted as standard Natural Rubber & Viton also available

Standard Design Features

Optional Extras

All Stainless Steel Construction Choice of Stainless Steel or Novotrox (Noryl) Elements
Silicone Gaskets fitted throughout Choice of simplified or external standpipe connections
Dual pressure gauges Diversion system available (allows 2-stage filtration)
Outlet sightglass assembly Additional sightglass assemblies (if required)
Full-length stainless steel drain tray Moving-End vents/drain valves
Blanked Moving-End connections allow simple modification to 2-stage filtration at a later date  

Please consult our sizing charts for brewery or winery applications. This will give you an idea of the approximate size and cost of the unit you will require. Remember that by increasing the time allotted for a given batch, you can reduce the size (and therefore the cost) of the filter required.

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