Technical Excellence

Our formulations result in high wet strength products with excellent sealing characteristics in the filter press, coupled with extended sheet life. We have optimized product range to give maximum clarity, stability and product life coupled with high flow rates and high retention. As a result of special manufacturing techniques, fiber release from sheet edges and the outlet side of the filter sheet is prevented.

Carlson filter sheets are made from pure specially selected celluloses, diatomaceous earths, perlites and resin systems. These raw materials are chosen following extensive test work. In this way we ensure their compatibility with our customers' products, particularly beverages and most food products.

Purity Through Quality

Carlson filter sheets are consistently checked during manufacture on the production line and in the laboratory to ensure that all specifications are met. Our systems are regularly audited and enhanced thereby ensuring the consistent reliability of our products. Most importantly, we use proven packaging methods and materials, together with carefully chosen distribution systems to ensure that all our products arrive at our customers' premises in excellent condition.

Depth Filter Media

Since Carlson started to manufacture depth filter sheets over 50 years ago, the world of liquids filtration has introduced many new, innovative products and separation techniques. However, with the twin virtues of depth filtration and electrokinetic adsorption, the use of depth filter sheets in the filtration of liquids to fine clarification and sterile levels, still remains a most economic and cost effective way of achieving such objectives.

Removal Efficiency & Dirt Holding Capacity

Carlson filter media is an excellent pre-filter and final filter for countless applications where removal of contaminants such as fine colloidal hazes, toxins, pyrogens, viruses and bacteria is needed. Elimination of such contaminants is often not achieved with absolute micron rated filters and so Carlson media will both protect absolute rated membranes from premature blockage, and also remove materials which might pass through them. With their high voids volume, tortuous filtration path and adsorbency characteristics, not only are particles smaller than the so-called pore size retained, but the dirt holding capacity is very high compared with many surface filters.


Carlson depth filter media is available in sheet form to fit virtually any type of filter press. It is also utilized in lenticular cartridge form to give the many benefits of depth filtration within a totally enclosed cartridge system.


Carlson depth filter media is compatible with a wide range of organic and inorganic liquids, often withstanding solvents to which most polymeric filter media have limited resistance. This property, coupled with a relatively high maximum temperature for continuous use in service, gives Carlson media an outstanding edge over many alternative methods of filtration.

The Environment

Many of the components which make up Carlson filter media are a renewable resource and great care is taken to use materials of a non-hazardous nature. Whenever possible materials which have incurred minimum energy input in their production are utilized. We are determined to achieve the best possible life cycle analysis for our products.

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