Lenticular Filter Systems

Lenticular Filter Housings
Available in both 12" and 16" diameter single and multi cartridge versions of varying heights to suit a wide range of applications from laboratory and pilot scale operation to large-scale continuous production.

Lenticular Cartridges
Available as standard in 9 and 16 cell format in the 21" diameter version and in 16 cell format in the 16" version. Alternative formats are available to special order, down to 2 cell, subject to agreed minimum order.

Separator Disks
-The advanced design of the FDA quality polypropylene separator discs and sealing rings ensure even flow within each cell, thereby tending to reduce the pressure drop across the filter, which in turn leads to shorter filtration cycles, longer filter cartridge life and produces more consistent filtrate quality.

- The heavy-duty non-woven polyester scrim contributes to high strength and long life through increased resistance to back pressure shock and improved back-washing capability, as well as providing a degree of pre-filtration.

- The interlocking disk design provides lateral strength and rigidity, which encourages longer filter cartridge life.

- The lenticular cartridge unit is pre-compressed during manufacture to precise dimensions, eliminating the need for a special tightening down procedure. This results in the unit being easier to use and there is less reliance on operational procedure to achieve optimum performance.

BBLS to filter

GALLONS to Filter

TIME available

SQ. FT. required

12" Cartridges needed for normal filtration

16" Cartridges needed for normal filtration

12" Cartridges needed for sterile filtration
16" Cartridges needed for sterile filtration

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