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We at ABEC Filtration have been supplying the beer, wine and other process industries with filtration equipment and media since 1989.  Our product lines include a broad range of filter equipment from FILTROX of Switzerland and lees presses by PACIFIC PRESS of California.  In addition, we are the exclusive United States distributors of filter media and equipment manufactured by CARLSON FILTRATION of England.  We maintain a large stock of filter sheets and other products in our New Jersey warehouse, and ship daily throughout the United States.   At ABEC, we can also engineer and supply new or reconditioned filtration equipment - all guaranteed.

Bigger isn't always better...

ABEC Filtration is a relatively small company.  We believe that's good for our customers!  Each customer has a substantial impact on our business...and gets treated accordingly.  Our compact size allows us to be responsive to the unique needs of our customers, and to adapt quickly when changes occur -- within an individual business or industry.  Our customer's needs are the force that drives our business and, at ABEC Filtration, we guarantee responsiveness to those needs will never be lost in a maze of corporate bureaucracy.

...but sometimes size does matter.

While we take pride in the efficiency and responsiveness that our smaller size allows, we take equal pride in representing some of the largest and most highly regarded manufacturers in the field of filtration.   Companies such as Filtrox, Pacific Press, and Carlson enjoy worldwide reputations for producing top-quality filtration equipment and media.  Because these large companies have the resources to consistently meet production demands and to maintain extensive research and development programs, ABEC Filtration customers are assured orders can be filled promptly with products that represent the state-of-the-art in liquids filtration.

Why choose between David and Goliath?

Now you don't need to choose between small-firm service and large-company product quality.  With ABEC Filtration, you get both.  It's sort of like putting David and Goliath on your team - an unbeatable combination.

We invite you to browse the rest of our website to see some of our more popular products in greater detail, such as plate and frame filters, filter sheets, lenticular filters and cartridge housings. Please contact us for information on lees filters, candle filters, pressure leaf filters or pretty much anything to do with filtration.

We thank you for your visit and look forward to being of service,

Peter M. Abec

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Phone: 410-648-6204
Fax: 410-648-5029
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